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Basileia Innovative Solutions is an IT company focused on providing simple, affordable innovative solutions to identified problems in four key industries in the African economy—Agriculture, Education, Manufacturing and Commerce. We are currently researching cross-points between profitable technologies and key societal problems, to further optimize the former in addressing the latter.
We look forward to working with you on this exciting journey.


Our Core Values

BIS is built on sound ethical principles which prioritize what is right above what is generally acceptable. We seek to do business in a transformative way that will infuse our core values into the industries we serve.



Our Vision For the Future

By providing little innovations that make big differences, we seek to become Africa’s leading problem solvers over the next 10 years. We are working hard to make key innovative solutions available, accessible and affordable to individuals and organizations across Africa.

We are focused on driving innovation in what we have identified as strategic growth industries of Nigeria.

We believe Africa can export its proven solutions to the rest of the world, and we seek to champion this cause.